Frameline48: Fun in Shorts

From coming out for the first time to cruising in the woods, Fun in Shorts is a hilarious adventure into the highs and lows of being queer af! Look out for trans werewolves, Drag Race comedy queens, newly out seniors, and Meg Stalter in our annual comedy shorts package.

Short films showing in this program:

The Diner

Directed by Jesús Martínez ‘Nota’

There are some issues which cannot be left for later! (12 mins)


Directed by Matthew Jacobs Morgan

A bored gay couple go cruising for the first time, but when they get lost in the woods, the cracks of their relationship become chasms. A comedy short written and directed by Matthew Jacobs Morgan (Pompeii, Frameline45). (12 mins)


Directed by Taylor James

Unemployed and down on her luck, Siobhan (the hilarious Meg Stalter of Cora Bora, Frameline47) is presented with a life changing job opportunity. Unfortunately, she can’t get her foot out of her mouth long enough to get her foot in the door. Featuring the voice talents of Rainn Wilson and Benito Skinner, ILY, BYE also stars Kanoa Goo of TV’s The Rookie. (13 mins)

The Pansy of Pickadee

Directed by Gus George & Paddy Morahan

Winner of Best Director award at the 2023 Melbourne Queer Film Festival, The Pansy of Pickadee tells the story of a queer young man and a town on the verge of destruction. When all else fails, the young man uses his special skills to save his friends and family and becomes the hero he was born to be. (8 mins)


Directed by Jonathan Andre Culliton

Two trans best friends — Alexandra Gray (Gossamer Folds, Frameline44) and Marval Rex (of Estuaries and All Kinds of Love from Frameline46) — venture into the woods on a cabin getaway vacation only to end up a part of a horny supernatural world. Produced by Zackary Drucker, Spookable features an all-trans cast and crew. (15 mins)

Stan Behavior

Directed by Tyler C. Peterson

A drag queen embarks on a quest for better workplace rights, but finds herself in a dicey situation when her new lawyer, a tone-deaf straight woman, is revealed to be a drag super stan. Starring Yvonne Zima alongside Drag Race comic divas Ginger Minj and Heidi N Closet. (15 mins)

Stories from My Gay Grandparents: Episode 1

Directed by J Stevens

After a near-death experience lights a flame within Grandma and Grandpa, they decide to grab life by the boas and tell the world their deepest secret: They’re both gay. Having lived under the guise of a straight relationship for decades, these two life-long best friends have been each other’s beards for 50 years. And hunny, these beards are giving us Abraham Lincoln chin-curtain realness.

But now they’re coming out of the closet, ditching their small town hetero life, and going after their big gay dreams. First stop: the big city… to learn “how to be gay” from the best gay people they know: their grandchildren! It’s a big gay family after all! (There must be something in the water.) (9 mins)

Well, I Should Get Going

Directed by Celine Sutter

Mariah is desperate to leave a party. (11 mins)

Expected Guests:

Matthew Jacobs Morgan, Director (Foraging)

Taylor James, Director, Screenwriter (ILY, BYE)

Kanoa Goo, Actor, Producer (ILY, BYE)

Jonathan Andre Culliton, Director (Spookable)

Marval Rex, Actor, Screenwriter (Spookable)

Zachary Drucker, Executive Producer (Spookable)

Tyler C. Peterson, Director (Stan Behavior)

Eric Michael Kochmer, Producer (Stan Behavior)

Scott Farley, Actor, Screenwriter (Stories from My Gay Grandparents)

Perrie Voss, Actor, Screenwriter (Stories from My Gay Grandparents)

Celine Sutter, Director (Well, I Should Get Going)

Yoko Kohmoto, Screenwriter (Well, I Should Get Going)

1h 35m
First Showing
June 23, 2024