Frameline48: Homegrown Shorts

Harnessing the talent of local filmmakers, Homegrown Shorts is a unique showcase of the stories that make our city great. Featuring drag artists of all shapes and sizes, the rebirth of the elusive lesbian bar, and activism through art. 

Short films showing in this program:

After All

Directed by Amanda Villalpando

A broody, yet clever teen is on the rocks with her long-distance girlfriend when she discovers she can touch a photograph and travel back to the moment it was taken. (27 mins)

The Barman’s Daughter

Directed by Shawna Virago

Queer maximalist meets drag meets trans power in Shawna Virago’s latest music video. Themes of split consciousness and proliferating doubles set against Virago’s glitter twang snarl. (4 mins)

Falling Up

Directed by Eric Garcia

A gaggle of glittery drag artists gather for a rumpus frolic evoking unapologetic queer joy. (5 mins)


Directed by Eric Garcia

Two drag kings fall in love during a bathroom quickie. (6 mins)


Directed by Meg Shutzer & Brandon Yadegari Moreno

In San Francisco, a city known for its queer community and bustling gay nightlife, there hasn’t been a lesbian bar for almost a decade. Driven by nostalgia for a time when queer women had spaces, self-identified dyke Malia Spanyol sets out to build one for the next generation of women and femmes. (23 mins)

OUTCRY: Alchemists of Rage

Directed by Clare Major

OUTCRY: Alchemists of Rage follows artist and activist Whitney Bradshaw as she photographs womxn mid-scream during transformational gatherings where participants reclaim the power of their voices. Facing an onslaught of hostile legislation, Whitney works to spread OUTCRY’s radical empathy and community-building nationwide. OUTCRY is directed by Oakland-based cinematographer Clare Major and produced by Jen Rainin and Rivkah Beth Medow, the team behind Holding Moses (Best Documentary Short winner at Frameline46) and Ahead of the Curve (Frameline44). (33 mins)

Saturn Risin9

Directed by Tiare Ribeaux & Jody Stillwater

Queer performance artist and musician Saturn Risin9 returns home to the Bay Area to share their journey of perseverance centering self discovery, healing and creative expansion poetically told through dance, visual narrative, performance, and documentary. (10 mins)

Expected Guests:

Amanda Villalpando, Director (After All)

Shawna Virago, Director, Participant (The Barman’s Daughter)

Eric Garcia, Director (Falling Up & Kings)

Kat Gorospe Cole, Actor, Editor (Falling Up & Kings)

Natalia Roberts, Cinematographer (Falling Up)

Peggy Peralta, Cinematographer (Kings)

Meg Shutzer, Director (Mother)

Clare Major, Director (OUTCRY)

Whitney Bradshaw, Producer (OUTCRY)

Tiare Ribeaux, Director (Saturn Risin9)

Saturn Risin9, Participant (Saturn Risin9)

1h 47m
First Showing
June 20, 2024