Frameline48: Life Is Not a Competition, But I’m Winning

Lack of equal pay, possible genital checks, the pressure to hyper-feminize oneself, and our incessant need for categorization in the name of supposed fair play ⎯ the fight for equal rights in sports continues for athletes who exist in gender nonconforming bodies. This unconventional documentary (with the best title of the year) uses archival Olympic footage, intimate conversations with queer athletes, eye-opening historical facts, and a little bit of time travel to reclaim monumental spaces like the Olympic Stadium of Athens and honor the varied legacies of those on the margins ⎯ namely queer, trans, intersex, and Black women athletes. 

Through a reimagining of record-breaking sporting events, we meet athletes like Annet Negesa, a Ugandan runner who was forced to undergo hormone-changing surgery against her will. And Stella Walsh, a Polish American Olympic champion whose diet, stride, and movements were picked apart to determine why she could “run like a man.” Linking queer history with future possibilities in service of crumbling the façade of Olympic ideals, the shared experiences of these trailblazers demand acknowledgment, a call for change, and collective healing. 

1h 19m
Julia Fuhr Mann
German & English with English Subtitles
First Showing
June 23, 2024