Frameline48: The Summer with Carmen

Fun, sexy, Greek, and low-budget – those are the guidelines a foreign movie producer has given twinky actor Nikitas (who keeps losing roles for acting “too gay”) for a potential film project. So over the course of a long afternoon at a scenic gay nude beach, Nikitas and his BFF Demos, a former actor turned pencil-pushing public servant, begin to write the screenplay for what they hope will be their big cinematic break. Nikitas fancies himself the next Xavier Dolan, and Demos has dreams of a Hemsworth brother playing him. Under the beating sun on the blue Mediterranean, the besties (who met in film school) uncover the perfect subject matter as they recall the chaotic, fruitful antics of their respective love lives two summers ago. Break-ups, hook-ups, and a dog named Carmen… look out Cannes, here comes the next big thing in queer cinema!

Laugh out loud hilarious and unrelentingly horny, The Summer with Carmen brilliantly blends its intersecting narratives, as memory collides with fantasy and art rubs up against truth.

1h 46m
Zacharias Mavroeidis
Greek with English Subtitles
First Showing
June 20, 2024