Frameline48: Throuple

Bubbly and steamy at varying turns, Greyson Horst’s comedy Throuple is alive with a sense of romantic exploration amid the fierce energy of its DIY scene. At its opening, Throuple finds single singer-songwriter Michael (played by Michael Doshier, who also penned the screenplay) adrift and musically uninspired… at least until he meets a newly-open gay married couple at his friend’s show.

Seemingly on the hunt for casual sexual encounters, Georgie (Stanton Plummer-Cambridge) and Connor (Tommy Heleringer of Gayby, Frameline36) instantly draw Michael into their orbit. But when Michael’s relationship with the husbands starts to feel less like an NSA fling and more like a hunt to find their third, Michael starts to consider new possibilities both in his romantic and his artistic pursuits, taking him to uncharted territory.

Using split-screen editing, sharp location photography, and colorful captions amid the din of the many concert and performance sequences, Throuple’s energy stems as much from its central trio as the creative community they’re a part of. Throuple offers a sweetly realized tale of growing up, which places openness and creativity as keys to unlocking one’s self.

Preceded by:

Dream Burger

Directed by Sami Kali

Luke and Simon always go for burgers together after tennis. But this time, Luke wants to tell Simon how he really feels about him. How will Simon react? Luke’s vivid imagination leads us into some intense scenarios, only to reveal a surprising truth. (9 mins)

Expected Guests:

Michael Doshier, Actor, Screenwriter

Katharine Bartek, Producer

Phillip Hughes, Producer

1h 29m
Greyson Horst
First Showing
June 27, 2024