CAAM Fest: Retrospective: Strawberry Fields (35mm)

  • Two Japanese women in b&w sitting on the meadow and looking sideways

Join us for a post-screening Q&A with director Rea Tajiri

Equal parts coming-of-age movie, historical drama, and ghost story, Strawberry Fields is a narrative expedition led by master storyteller, Rea Tajiri, of the lasting impacts of incarceration upon a generation of Japanese Americans who were born long after World War II. Set in the 1970s, curious rebel, 16-year-old Irene, yearns to learn more about camp— but her mother has buried those painful memories deep down. Guided by the ghost of her recently deceased sister and a lone old photo, Irene sets off on a cross-country road trip in a determined search for the truth. With some pivots en route, Irene befriends a young political activist and an older Japanese American woman who aids her on her journey. Bonus soundtrack treats from Chicago Indie bands: SEAM, Veruca Salt, Tortoise, Squash Blossom and more.

Strawberry Fields is for super fans of speculative history, young folx with investigative imaginations, and anyone who longs for the truths of their family’s past in America.

Presented as part of CAAM Fest 2023.

1h 30m
Rea Tajiri
United States
First Showing
May 13, 2023