SF Indiefest:This is National Wake & Souleros

This is National Wake
This is National Wake recounts the revelatory story of young musicians who dared, in 1970s South Africa, to launch a multiracial band against the backdrop of apartheid. National Wake was formed by two black brothers from Soweto and a white guitarist from Johannesburg whose collaboration broke all of apartheid’s laws. The band filmed their rebellious performances on brilliant Super 8 before the government shut them down, and director Mirissa Neff uses this archival footage, along with audio interviews, to create a grainy plunge into the past. The result is an energetic feature debut that tells the immersive story of a short-lived yet remarkable countercultural attempt to fight entrenched oppression with music. Directed by Mirissa Neff, 66 minutes.

Soulero is a slang term used to describe soul record collectors primarily from the Mexican American (Chicano) community. This short documentary focuses on a group of record collectors in Northern California who are committed to keeping the legacy alive of so many underground soul artists alive. Directed by Jesus Cruz, 20 minutes.

1h 26m
2D Digital