The Other Side of "The Lost Continent" 2023

Dactylo + The Last Billionaire + The Tender Enemy

  • The Last Billionaire
  • The Last Billionaire
  • The Tender Enemy
  • The Tender Enemy
  • The Tender Enemy starring Simone Berriau
  • Marie Glory - Dactylo
  • Dactylo (1931)



12:00 PM The twists and turns of the “sexual runaround” experienced by a young woman (Marie Glory) as she seeks to rise from the typing pool at a Parisian bank. A story so popular (and topical) that it was filmed in four different countries (Germany, France, Spain, UK) during the same year!

The Last Billionaire / Le dernier milliardaire

1:30 PM Chaos reigns when the desperate queen of Casinario (Monaco, anyone?) tries to marry off her granddaughter (Renée St. Cyr) to the only tycoon who escaped the European stock market crash (Max Dearly), who channels a madcap version of his “inner authoritarian” once he’s “in charge.” René Clair savages capitalism in his final film in France before “escaping” to America—and, perhaps, not a moment too soon! (1934, René Clair, 90 min)

The Tender Enemy / La tendre ennemie

3:15 PM Three ghosts attend an engagement party for a young woman who is being forced by her mother (Simone Berriau) to marry a man she doesn’t love. Will the revelations of the ghosts’ involvement with the mother induce events that can save the girl from a lifetime of unhappiness? Max Ophuls shifts gears in this brilliantly bittersweet comedy/fantasy that was the template for other inspired fantasies that followed (La nuit fantastique, Sylvie et le fantome, Les jeux sont faits). (1936, Max Ophuls, 69 min)

Thanks to the slow-but-sure rediscovery of “cinema de papa” films in France from the 1930s and 1940s, THE OTHER SIDE OF “THE LOST CONTINENT” 2023 gathers an astonishing range of titles previously forgotten in their homeland and virtually unseen in America. Those who’ve journeyed with us through the hidden landscapes of French noir in Midcentury ProductionsThe French Had a Name for It programs will be similarly enchanted by the 18 films we have in store for you beginning April 1st.

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3h 56m
In French with English subtitles