The Other Side of "The Lost Continent" 2023

Her First Affair + The Little Ones of the Flower Platform

  • Her First Affair
  • Her First Affair
  • Her First Affair
  • The Little Ones of the Flower Platform


Her First Affair / Premier rendez-vous

4:30 PM In our third Darrieux/Decoin collaboration, Max Kolpé supplies yet another loopy twist on the Cinderella story, this time fusing in a plot element that will remind you of the central romantic deception in Lubitsch’s Shop Around the Corner—but taken to greater comic effect. In this film we can truly say that Danielle Darrieux does it all—she’s sexy, she’s wacky, she even sings! (And during the film she threw over her husband Decoin for notorious playboy Porfirio Rubirosa!) (1941, Henri Decoin, 105 min)

The Little Ones of the Flower Platform / Les petites du quai aux fleurs

6:30 PM Odette Joyeux is again the intense teenager in this sharply-observed coming-of-age tale set in wartime Paris. She’s one of four daughters, all of whom are in varying stages of romantic distress; their suitors include some of the most memorable names in French cinema: Bernard Blier, Louis Jourdan, and an impossibly young Gérard Philipe. With superb, evocative cinematography from the great Henri Alekan. (1944, Marc Allegret, 92 min)

Thanks to the slow-but-sure rediscovery of “cinema de papa” films in France from the 1930s and 1940s, THE OTHER SIDE OF “THE LOST CONTINENT” 2023 gathers an astonishing range of titles previously forgotten in their homeland and virtually unseen in America. Those who’ve journeyed with us through the hidden landscapes of French noir in Midcentury ProductionsThe French Had a Name for It programs will be similarly enchanted by the 18 films we have in store for you beginning April 1st.

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3h 17m
In French with English subtitles